If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.


Walked in on my fiance browsing the Domino’s website. It’s his bedtime. He isn’t hungry. When pressed, he only provided the following before turning away from me…
I love pizza


I just bought the best keychain ever

We finally bought our tickets for Comikaze yesssssssssss!!!! Who else is going?

potheadusa said: Please show me your tits

Don’t they make a beautiful pair? They’re actually great tits. One has always been bigger than the other, but that’s only natural. 

sweetoofbitchh replied to your post: “The only food pictures I post are from this burger place and I don’t…”:

Where do I get one of those babys?! Please tell me you’re from LA!

You’re in luck! It’s in Torrance and it’s called Louis Burgers IV. It’s on Carson, it’s bomb, it’s cheap. Omfg pls go and get a Cali burger

The only food pictures I post are from this burger place and I don’t even care. Look. At. That. Shit.

The only food pictures I post are from this burger place and I don’t even care. Look. At. That. Shit.

Fall is the best

Fall is the best

This Isn't About Journalism: The 5 Dumbest Defenses for GamerGate - SharcTank


My thoughts on GamerGate and why it’s toxic.

UHHHHH Joann’s just cancelled my fabric order??? A week after I placed it??? omg fuck joanns. 

Guess what I just added to the shop………….

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Anonymous said: How do you deal with working on the phone? In my last position whenever i had to make calls (which was often) i would have to sit and make sure I'd mentally rehearsed what i was gonna say (the job didn't offer training so you had to kind of wing it) but then I'd get a lot of criticisms from my supervisor for not moving from one call to the other quickly enough :(

I honestly have to dial before I can think about it. The training is a big thing. Like once you know 100% what you’re doing and what your main goal is, it’s a lot less difficult to make calls. While the phone is ringing I still panic and want to just hang up and walk out the door. It helps that my boss has said I can refuse to talk to people when they’re rude to me. Your old supervisor sounds like a jerk though and I’m sorry on their behalf.

Anonymous said: thank you so much for your answer and kindness! i really appreciate it, i hope this doesnt sound weird but i'm too nervous to even make a tumblr because i feel like no one will like me (i sound crazy i'm sorry) but anyways i will try to look up

work from home options, once again thank you! i look up to you in so many ways, have a great day <3

Definitely not weird in the least. And I like you! You can always email me at and I can just reply to you with all the info there. I promise it’s not a bother at all!

Anonymous said: hey i'm sorry if this was asked before or seems nosey, but do you work or go to school? my social anxiety is making it impossible for me to even go outside, i feel so pathetic and a waste :(

You’re absolutely not a waste! No matter what. You have innate value that does not diminish with unemployment. 
I do work. I’ve always had really really bad social anxiety and it’s been so hard to learn to deal with it. Now the work I do involves me having to make a lot of calls where I have to be authoritative. It doesn’t necessarily get easier (because I definitely rehearse asking what time places close or whatever in my personal life) but you learn how to cope. It’s something you can’t rush or demand from yourself in an instant. In the meantime I might be able to point you in the right direction for work from home jobs to build up a work history. Just message me off anon and I’ll hook it up!