meliass said: i think the way you use blush is bold, but it looks wonderful. what are your favorite blush/contour products?

Thanks! I loooove a bold blush and until recently I was afraid to actually wear it. I am super broke, so right now I’m using this contouring palette and it’s actually pretty awesome. The brown is super matte and doesn’t have any orange undertones so it looks really natural. The blushes are really sweet shades too!

Anonymous said: Do you actually know how to contour? Because your face just looks red to me.

losertakesall said: I want to talk about your blush game. tell me your secrets.

It all starts with the contouring. You lay down a line of dark ashy matte brown where you want the hollow of your cheek to be and then you start the blush there. I trace that line v lightly with the blush and then do lil swirly motions like this. Just do a little at a time so you don’t go overboard too fast and you’ll be set!

Anonymous said: You're the most attractive woman I've seen all day and I would greatly love to take you in a manly fashion <3

Cause I’m pretty?

Anonymous said: I just want to thank you for your tumblr page. I'm so very scared to go to SD comic con this weekend because I'm cosplaying as Danearys from Game of Thrones and, of course, I'm overweight. While my costume doesn't look half as good as yours, it's all hand made down to the last detail and I'm very proud of it. I just wish I was proud of me in it. Thank you for your posts and pictures. I hope to one day be as confident as you.

I still get sooooo nervous before a convention! Like the morning of I am mega scared and thinking of everything awful that could possibly happen and like what if no one recognizes me or what if someone says something mean to me or what if no one wants a photo of my cosplay… I have to stop and center myself a little and think of all those hours I put into my costume and realize that if someone doesn’t like it that’s on them cause I look fucking rad. You’re gonna look super amazingly awesome because you put in a ton of hard work! You’ll feel it, I promise! I’m always here for you anon!

landofthemisfitqueers said: How do you get your lipstick to look so flawless?

Ah geez thanks! I overdraw my top lip. That’s the secret. At first overdrawing your lips is gonna be like whaaaat this looks awful, but you get used to it. Because of the way mine are shaped I just do the top lip. I outlined my nonexistent upper lip in the gif below and the next frame is how far out I apply lipstick.

6 favorite selfies of 2k14!
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Anonymous said: Honestly, stop promoting a health problem. Don't you dare tell me this is any different than a pro-anorexic blogging about how great being skinny is. Anorexia and other eating disorders and health issues , and SO IS OBESITY. It's fine to be comfortable in your body, but don't glorify being unhealthy.

I want you to tell me exactly how I’m “glorifying obesity” in my posts. I want you to tell me that it’s when I post photos of myself because that is some fuuuuucked up shit. Like it’s ok to be comfortable in your body but for the love of god don’t tell anyone else about it? Or give them the tools they need to love themselves for once in their fucking life? Wtf kind of logic is that? You’re a bad human being and you should get that shit sorted.

Honestly, you’re glorifying stupidity by sending shitty asks like this, but I don’t go around telling you to stop existing.


Friends! Thrift-o-Rama is turning 2!

On July 25, 2012, I posted my first outfit of the day. It’s crazy to think two years have gone by. I’m so honored by the love, support and friendship I’ve found in you people. Thank you for reading Thrift-o-Rama. Thank you for celebrating bodies and thrift stores and lipstick with me. I don’t have words for how much you’ve all touched me, I really don’t.

The best way I know how to thank you is to give away a thrifty gift. The winner gets:

1. You’re in Luck Dress in Lady Bug, size 2X. This dress is no longer available at ModCloth, period. It’s beautifully made and would probably best fit a size 18-20. Maybe a 22 if you’re small in the bust. I wish I was keeping it, but it’s too big for me. Tried on but never worn. I’ve included some pictures of me in the same dress in a different print for fit reference. Message me for exact measurements and details on the dress itself.

2. A portrait! See above for an example of my art, though I won’t rush through yours as I did mine.

3. “Mystery Thrift Store Jewelry.” This will be a surprise. Various strange necklaces and earrings thrifted in my travels will be sent to you. I hope you like them. The winner can tell me if they have pierced ears or allergies and I’ll do my best to oblige.


1. This is a gift to my followers. You must be following me.

2. US residents only, please. Sorry. International shipping is very very expensive. The winner needs to give me an address.

3. Likes and reblogs count, but you can only reblog once a day.

4. If the winner doesn’t respond within two days, I’ll pick someone else.

This giveaway ends Sunday, July 27th, 5PM central time, at which point a winner will be chosen at random.


dollhouse || melanie martinez

places, places, get in your places 
throw on your dress and put on your doll faces
everyone thinks that were perfect 
please don’t let them look through the curtains

Anonymous said: Hullo! First off fabulous, fabulous! I was wondering, in your yellow cardigan outfit, where did you get your socks? I'm addicted to knee socks and always looking for ones that'll fit my calves. Thanks, dear!

Thanks! Sock Dreams is the magical place to go. Just sort by plus size and read the measurements they give and you’ll be a-ok.

Top is from Target. They have a matching cardi and boy do I want it 🍍

Top is from Target. They have a matching cardi and boy do I want it 🍍


Dorothy Lamour


Dorothy Lamour